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Nutrition and Health

There are many avenues to pursue in taking care of your health. As well as having a good relationship with your physician who will monitor your health by running certain blood tests, qualified licensed nutritionists can also offer nutritional testing that can uncover a vast array of issues not normally investigated by traditional medicine. At Advent Nutrition, we are proud to be able to provide you with the best blood, urine and saliva testing that can help identify hidden issues that may not be investigated elsewhere. Among the tests we offer are:



While nutrient levels have traditionally been tested by evaluating blood serum (the fluid that surrounds our blood cells), this measurement is merely a “snapshot in time”. These levels are much better evaluated within the lymphocytes, which live for at least 4 months.This offers a much more comprehensive view as to nutrient status within the body where the nutrients are being used. The test reports levels of all vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and oxidative stress in your body. Best yet, it is covered 90% by most insurance plans and Medicare, making it very affordable for most people.



While cholesterol is an extremely important aspect in the advancement of cardiovascular disease, even more important is the size of lipoproteins and other inflammatory biomarkers that contribute to its development. This test gives a comprehensive report on all of your cardiovascular markers, as well as C-Reactive Protein, the primary inflammatory protein that indicates cardiac risk. This test is also covered 90% by most insurances.


ALLERGIX  Antibody Profiles for Food Sensitivities:

Ever wonder why certain foods cause bloating, gas, indigestion migraines, brain fog or joint pain? This unique test can answer that question, as well as point out other food intolerances you might not be aware of. Giving total antibody counts for all 75 foods tested, you are able to see exactly how mild, moderate or severe your sensitivity is in affecting your health.



Testing more than the standard parameters for identifying gastrointestinal disorders, these profiles use the best of molecular, microscopic and immunoassay approaches to evaluate anaerobes, parasites, fat metabolism, absorption, and inflammation factors that are the basis of gastrointestinal health.



  • Adrenal Profile

  • Amino Acid Profiles

  • Fatty Acid Profiles

  • Toxic Elements/Heavy Metal Profiles

  • Hormonal Health Profiles

    And more!

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