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About Us

Unlike many who call themselves nutritionists, each practitioner at Advent Nutrition is state-licensed in the state of Pennsylvania and holds qualifying credentials:


The Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) credential requires an additional two to four years of post-graduate studies in Nutrition (Master's degree or PhD), along with additional internships and certification exam supervised by the American College of Nutrition. While both the RD and CNS are covered by insurance, only the CNS has the additional education emphasizing on the biochemistry of disease and the use of nutrition in its modification.


To achieve the Registered Dietitian (RD) credential the individual must obtain a Bachelor's degree in nutrition, complete a rigorous, supervised 900-hour dietetic internship and pass a comprehensive exam prior to registration.

Both the CNS and the RD are required to obtain ongoing continuing education in order to stay current with the latest findings, advancements and research in the field.  The CNS is required to obtain 30 CEUs per year; the RD is required 75 CEUs every five years.


Call 610-696-1860 and we will let you know exactly what nutritional benefits your Insurance policy covers.

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