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What occurs during the initial appointment?

Prior to your appointment you will receive a Health Evaluation Profile that should be completed and brought with you to your appointment. On the profile you be asked to provide the reason for seeking the consultation, your past medical history, family medical history, medications you are currently taking, known allergies, supplements you are currently on, a food diary and additional information that will help us design your specific nutritional program that will help you reach your goals. If you are currently taking supplements, it is recommended that you take pictures of the front and back label so that they can be evaluated. It is also helpful to send in any current blood work that you’ve had done so we may better evaluate your needs.


How long are the appointments?

The initial consultation is a minimum of 60 minutes. Follow-up appointments range from 20 minutes to 1+ hour, depending on the issues involved and the previously determined goals.


Will there be follow-up appointments?

Depending on the reason for your consultation, follow-up appointments are usually recommended. That said, you are the one in control of whether you wish to return.  Different health issues require different programs of varying durations. If weight loss is one of the objectives, accountability issues are discussed and follow-up appointments are scheduled accordingly.


What if I have questions before my next appointment?

You are welcome to email or phone the office for simple questions and clarifications. If the topic needs to be discussed in greater length, we will be happy to see you sooner than your next appointment is scheduled.


Do you provide long-distance appointments?

Yes, Advent Nutrition does offer long-distance sessions.  In the past we have counseled clients in Hawaii, Seattle, Los Angeles, Florida, Maine, Denmark, and Dubai, to name a few.


Do you accept Medicare?

No, we do not accept Medicare as it will only pay for 3 appointments and only for nutrition as it relates to renal failure or diabetic complications.  We will provide all of the necessary information to help you file a claim with Medicare.  If you receive a refusal letter from Medicare bring it to the office and we will submit it to your secondary insurance (of those that we except). If the claim is paid by your secondary insurance we will reimburse your appointment fees.


Advent Nutrition accepts Blue Cross, Keystone, Cigna and Aetna insurance. Most times deductibles do not need to be met. Blue Cross and Keystone offer 6 free visits per year. Aetna typically gives 10-26 visits per year, and you are only responsible for your copay.  Cigna typically provides 3 visits per year.


We highly recommend that you call the Member Services number on the back of your insurance card to find out exactly what your policy covers.

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